Ever since I was old enough to talk, I have been nutty about hunting and fishing. My Dad would go deer hunting and leave a screaming three year old, on the porch, wondering when he would be able to go. I caught my first fish at the age of four all by myself, with no help, an eight inch Brookie from a high mountain lake. When I shot my first pheasant and wanted to have it mounted, my crafty mother was insightful enough to suggest, "why don't you just stuff it yourself". My high school art teacher gave me all the supplies I could burn up in one year for that first pheasant mount, and the rest is history. In college I studied art in all mediums. Taxidermy was mostly a hobby for me until I began competing at shows. At these competitions I learned from the masters to hone my craft. My work began to improve rapidly, and soon after I became an award winning master taxidermist. A few years ago I decided to make taxidermy my career. I'm lucky in life to have my loves centered around my work. I have always been a passionate fly fisherman, being in the wetlands with friends and watching the sky for incoming ducks is always a treasure, but my true love is in the uplands. Nothing stirs my soul more than watching my dogs move out in a vast sea of CRP grass in search of pheasants or a covey of sharptails. It is my goal in business to provide my customers with a quality art piece that can be treasured for years. Thanks for visiting my web site, and I hope to talk to you soon.
Darin Gardner